Mr Nobody, a letter to a stranger

Esta es una historia real. Está en inglés por respetar el idioma original.
Nada más.

Just to let you know, I've just seen Mr Nobody. I had to talk about it. To someone. I don't know, you might not be the right person to talk to. But right now... well, my ideas of what "right person" actually means are all mixed up.

You need to understand something about me. I have a very strong feeling of destiny. I don't mean I believe it exists. I mean I want to believe it does so hard that sometimes it hurts. I also have a terrible fear for decision-making. Life choices scare me to death, thinking of all what I am leaving behind by choosing any one path. I would like to live every life possible for me. But I can't.

Having said that, what this film has made to me... well, right now, I can't understand. What I think I mean is, that most of my life I have spent hoping to be in that right path. The path that leads to her. The right person. But Mr Nobody says, all paths are right. What do I make of that?

If every path is right, does it really matter that I try so hard? Being here, for instance, looking through people faces, hoping to see the one. Does it make sense? Writing to you right now.

And if I do meet that person, when I see her face... will I know? And more importantly: will she?

But I don't know you, and you don't know me. You are just a stranger. One of the many stranges I could have chosen to write to. But I choose you to tell you this, only to you. I don't know if it makes sense. But I just think now that it maybe doesn't make sense working so hard to choose the right path, because perhaps the architect knows. And I am, was, will be, the architect. So I will choose right. Maybe it's time to live.


Un saludo,